In the year of 1994, the idea came up to organize a Camera Trade Fair in Solms, which had been the hometown of Leica Camera since 1987, before the company moved back to Wetzlar in 2014. It should be of outstanding importance in comparison to other camera fairs. The sound of the word Leica and the acceptance of the location of Solms by Leica-enthusiasts from all over the world helped this idea to become reality. So since the first fair Leica collectors and users visit the small town of Solms near Wetzlar to join the Solms Camera Tradefair twice a year now.

Well known authors of important Leica-publications, like Paul-Henry van Hasbroeck, James L. Lager and Shinichi Nakamura are periodically among the guests. The Solms Camera Tradefair is not a strict Leica-event. Also other fine equipment of modern and antique cameras is offered, but Leica, with approximately 60 % of the supplied material, represents a main part of the material.

The next Solms Camera Tradefair will take place:
Saturday, November 30th 2024